Brian Heck skateboarding in a barn…

TBT to that time our friend Sean Malto took us to a barn outside KC, a barn that was filled with ply-wood ramps. Brian Heck got some, so did Malto as seen here in this quick edit of the behind the scenes of this Brian Heck blunt-fakie photo by Sam McGuire…
SxH Heck Team Series 001
Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 7.42.05 PM

Preston Harper from SHUT UP BRAIN

Preston Harpers part from a video he made over the summer while traveling with some friends… the video is called “SHUT UP BRAIN”.
you can buy the whole video at
SONG: Tonstartssbandht- Shot To La Parc
Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 12.23.52 PM

2 Wet Crew Skate

our boy Douggpound has gone and done it again…
Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 4.37.06 PM

GET BORN promotional video by SEND HELP

Nesser. Cook. Horsey. Ploesser. Murawski. Fauser. Okeson. Sublette. Modica. Heck. Harper. edited by Jackson Casey
Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 12.13.10 AM

we be trippin’

looking to watch some Senders while you are waiting for Get Born to arrive?? feast your eyes on this while you wait…
Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 1.32.13 AM

remember how cool this was/is?!

way back when jMod was officially added to the roster for the HIGH 5 skateboards. obviously SEND HELP was born from the ashes of the sinking ship that was the HIGH 5, whats in a name anyhow?? watch and enjoy this little introduction from back in the day…
Screen shot 2014-10-19 at 11.21.03 PM

Young Heck in Open Iris (2001)

this is an absolute classic in our books, Brian Heck from Open Iris…Screen shot 2014-10-01 at 4.08.19 AM


Randy’s first board.

Take a look at this short video about rediscovering the feeling of getting on your first skateboard, spending hours on top of days rolling in the parking lot behind the corner store, without a care in the world about “getting tricks” or “deadlines”…

Weather you still have that feeling, or you struggle to remember it, this video is sure to tug at your heart strings (and hopefully your wallet).
Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 4.20.18 AM

Trippin’ DVS + NYC featuring Marty Murawski…

Presenting DVS+NYC, a weeklong trip to the Big Apple with Daewon Song, Torey Pudwill, Zack Wallin, Marty Murawski and Jon Nguyen. Watch on while the DVS Shoe Company team visits New York resident and DVS rider Luis Tolentino in the latest episode of Trippin, filmed over the course of 6 days. For more visual stimulation from the trip, pick up the latest issue of The Skateboard Mag or view the hashtag #DVSNYC.
Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 3.33.40 AM

Familia 2013 New Years HQ Montage

Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 3.49.50 AM
featuring Kirian Stone, Tabari Cook, Davis Torgerson, Steve Nesser, Jack Olson, Vinnie Nanthvongsa, Dan Jackson, Chad Benson, and CJ Tambornino. by Tim Fulton


watch this! DVS went to Canada a bit back an d made this video of the trip. lots of Marty in here, enjoy it…
Screen shot 2014-03-11 at 11.59.18 PM


Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 12.05.31 AM
This is the eighth of the Central Tours I do each year to Nicaragua. We are blessed to get to travel and spend time with good friends, skateboarding around the world. I would not have it any other way. World Travel thru Skateboarding. Central tour # 8 with Justin Eldridge, Stevie Perez, Chris Haslam, Steve Nesser & myself. Enjoy -Chico Brenes

…introducing Evan Okeson

Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 12.12.55 AM
Team rider Justin Modica flys to Texas to see his best bud Evan Okeson at his job site (grindline skateparks) and introduces him to the team!

Tabari Cook & Evan Okeson

a quick refresher course on the past few years worth of independent skate video parts that Tabari and Evan have put out…
youtube Tabari HG
youtube Evan WF
youtube Tabari FT
youtube Evan BOYISH

Randy Ploesser interviewed by Kyle Beachy

(taken from the Pretty Blog)


Around this time last year we were all justifiably giddy over the approaching premiere of St. Losers, Gabe Kehoe’s completely wonderful video about skateboarding in St. Louis. In my efforts to write about the video, I reached out to Randy for an interview that I thought would sort of permeate the thing I was writing, but that ended up largely cut due to I can’t ever just fucking say something clearly and get on with it. So I went back and prettied up the text of our exchange and am happy to present it now. Thanks to Randy for taking the time to answer my questions, and thanks to the rest of you for making St. Louis rad. –Kyle Beachy

Kyle Beachy: I wonder if you can start generally with something about the video and St. Louis, and whether it’s important to have this video. And if so…why? What is the point, really, if we can say there’s a point, to the video?

Randy Ploesser: I don’t know how important it is necessarily to anyone (skateboarders) outside of Saint Louis or the surrounding areas. It is exciting though. I think like with anything in skateboarding you essentially assign meaning to it however you see fit, saying there is any practical point to skateboarding other than transportation and to break shit is a stretch until you’ve done it for most of your life. Then comes the assigned meaning, so this must be the art of a group of loser skateboarders in Saint Louis. If “St. Losers” were a film playing in the Guggenheim in New York perhaps the description below would read “A film shot in Saint Louis, MO by Gabriel Kehoe which delineates traditionally accepted perceptions of criminality and derelictism (art also involves inventing words) exposing the underlying artistic endeavor of transforming use of three dimensional space in a setting of urban decay and strife exemplifying the strong bonds we create through art and the shear fucking joy of drinking beer in the streets with your loser friends in a city that only halfway exist anymore.”

That’s the bullshit anyway. That’s more of a question for Gabe, I guess. The honest point for me is that Saint Louis hadn’t had a solidly representative and well-rounded local video in a long time and Gabe was working with the people that I love to skate with when i’m at home and they all had a lot of really good footage. I had a little chunk of stuff filmed with him so after seeing the trailer I decided to try to film more stuff in Saint Louis for the video because I knew he was going to do a great job. And he did.

KB: How much of it is done in the interest of the city? Does a city need to have a good scene / indie / shop video today?

RP: I guess quite a bit. I mean I think Saint Louis is like a lot of other cities in the respect that everyone always wishes things could be “a little better.” Have better parks, have better shops, have better people, spots, more recognition blah blah, etc. but essentially the fact that it isn’t some world class skate destination has really brought out its character over the years. Its kind of hard after seeing what has been created on the streets in Saint Louis to say we’d be any better off having 20 skate plazas and a shop for each one of those plazas.

I don’t think a city necessarily needs a good scene or shop video for skateboarders to exercise their ingenuity. But I think trying to be a proud representation of something is the only thing that makes you stay and work within the constructs of your “home”. Lets just say if this we’re Salina, Kansas I don’t think a lot of people would be sticking around and Saint Louis surely has plenty to offer if you’re willing to do the work to tap its potential. No offense to Salina being the example there.

At the end of the day, I’d be lying if I said didn’t want the rest of the world to see this video and put a little gold star next to Saint Louis on their little skate map of the world and hopefully recognize the talents of the many fine young shredders here.

KB: I also wonder if you have any opinions to share about what a video like this means for you career, in particular. Does “career” mean something different today, for you and others? It seems like more and more pros are serious about representing their hometowns (I’m thinking Worrest and Gilbert Crockett and even like on Malto’s level…)…I wonder if this means something to the state of the industry…?

RP: I think that was an issue in my head at first. I feel like “career”-wise its a risk to do something independent especially if you’re established with your sponsors, because the more you give them the more they want to keep you around. Having something in a local video that may not be seen by a lot of people or isn’t necessarily branded by your sponsor doesn’t always amount to them really caring.

I think it was more a decision if I really give a fuck about that or not and I think at long last I’ve decided that I don’t really. I’d rather film a local video with someone I trust and have it come out the way I’d like than end up with another “The Beginning” part (no offense to anyone but myself on that one).

Elaborating on that, I think that its more of a matter of identity than anything. Seeing that part, which I did not have any hand in editing, song choice, and had half-assedly filmed the first 6 months or so I lived in California, I didn’t see a lot of “me” in that. Something just felt super off.

Going to California and making some missteps is just what happens though, its one of the unfortunate necessities of attempting to make a “career” in skateboarding. This is hindsight by the way. Who knows what the hell I was thinking at the time and I probably could have put in some better work on that one with said hindsight always being blindingly apparent.

I have a lot of respect for all the guys you mentioned, and all of them have probably gone through the same ups and down to get to the point of being able to live closer to home and represent that. I just feel like you get a stronger sense of who skateboarders are when you see them skating at home doing their thing, and the naturalism of that sort lends itself to why local and shop videos are always so fucking awesome. Something about digging for your own spots in a place that you’ve skated for years appeals to me way more than seeing guys being carted around on tour to the best and brightest skatespots the world has to offer. As fun as that is, and man that is fun, theres something more real about doing it the way everyone else in the world has to.

I know Malto fairly well and that’s what makes him so rad to me is that he’s done so much for Kansas City and prefers to live at home and travel from there. Otherwise he’d probably just be that little kid I always saw in Kansas City who was really amazing at skateboarding who moved to California and got really big because of course he did. The fact that he gives back what he’s given really gives him a nobility that a lot of talented skateboarders lack who really don’t seem to care about any bigger picture than their next power move they are going to make industry-wise. I’m sure Escapist skate shop did a lot for him as a youngster and seeing the mutual respect there is pretty inspiring. I wish that I can maybe do something like that someday for Saint Louis when/if checks from a new endorsement with an extreme shred juice start coming in.

I always felt a connection with Nesser when we were riding for Birdhouse for that same reason, he seemed like he was a guy that was doing it for the right reasons and doing it in a way that I understood. That’s pretty much why I ended up riding for The High Five is that I identified with what he was trying to do for his local scene, and liked how he did a lot of traveling on his own terms and so on. Unfortunately “career” wise I don’t know if much of this matters. As far as I know moving back home from an industry-heavy area like California is career poison. But if you’re given the chance to do it by people who respect what you do and are willing to pay you to rig it to make it work, then I think its pretty cool.

KB: Well I’ve been watching your part on a super secret link from Gabe and it’s clearly the best part you’ve put out, and I’m supremely hyped on it. There are so many tricks, so many tricks. The last ollie. That last ollie. I hope to have some beers sometime soon.

RP: Thanks, you can always want something better, but for the time I gave myself I think I did alright. Beer me.

Photo by Preston Harper.

En Why See Monty by Preston Harper

pretty sure this is exactly what Avril Lavigne was talking about in that one song…
Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 12.30.07 AM

Preston Harper as seen in the Skateboard Mag, issue 117…

tSM Preston GF boardslide WEB

Marty Murawski as seen in the Skateboard Mag, issue 116…

tSM Marty manny WEB

the HECK FILES Destination Belfield

Jackson Casey, jMod, Heck and some friends…
Screen shot 2014-03-30 at 10.55.28 PM

Justin Modica as seen in the Skateboard Mag, issue 115…


Foam & Feathers…

have a look at Justin Modica, Brian Heck and Randy Ploesser slow-mo jamming around Fargo North Dakotas very own Hawks Nest on the SEND HELP Foam & Feathers skateboard, available right now…
Screen shot 2014-03-30 at 10.39.40 PM

SEND HELP be trippin’ mon…

Screen shot 2014-03-30 at 10.31.18 PM
now go to your local skateboard shop and pick up a copy of the Skateboard Mag to see/read the article on our cold-assed drive from ND to AZ…
thanks the Skateboard Mag!

Trippin’ North Dakota…

This is an UNAUTHORIZED behind the scenes montage (filmed & edited by our very own Preston Harper) of The Skateboard Mag’s SEND x HELP Trippin’ video, watch Randy Ploesser, Preston Harper, Justin Modica, Ryan Sublette & Jackson Casey skate the Hawks Nest (Fargo), the Hiawatha (Minneapolis), Donuthill (Omaha) and live a little chunk of their life on the road between North Dakota and Nebraska…
ND Preston trippin
Screen shot 2014-03-30 at 10.27.24 PM
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Brian Heck as seen in the Skateboard Mag, issue 114…


SEND HELP x Glassy Sunhaters

you may not have seen this one coming, SEND HELP x Glassy Sunhaters! boards and glasses. Glassy made some really fresh “SEND HELP” glasses and we made the board graphic to match! get the glasses at and get the board right here… ORDER!
Glassy SxH web ad

Randy Ploesser as seen in the Skateboard Mag, issue 113…

TSM SEND HELP Ploesser 113 August


BLUES, BOOZE, AND BBQS. If that’s not reason enough to head to Memphis, add Gonerfest, an underground music festival hosted by Goner records’ founder Eric Friedl. 2012 marked the ninth festival in almost as many years, and with bands like The Spits, The Oblivians, and Nobunny headlining, there wasn’t a moment to be missed. So, Al Partanen, Justin Modica, Preston Harper and I were Memphis-bound to check out the music and local terrain. Thanks to Goner for still putting out good music and a great festival. I hope to see you at number 10. —Joe Hammeke
Screen shot 2014-03-30 at 10.18.33 PM
As well as this video, Thrasher has a whole grip of photos from the trip.
click the image above to see it ALL…


BLUES, BOOZE, AND BBQS. If that’s not reason enough to head to Memphis, add Gonerfest, an underground music festival hosted by Goner records’ founder Eric Friedl. 2012 marked the ninth festival in almost as many years, and with bands like The Spits, The Oblivians, and Nobunny headlining, there wasn’t a moment to be missed. So, Al Partanen, Justin Modica, Preston Harper and I were Memphis-bound to check out the music and local terrain. Thanks to Goner for still putting out good music and a great festival. I hope to see you at number 10. —Joe Hammeke


the HIGH FIVE & the Dolphin on SKATELINE

Randy and our good little buddy Aaron made it in the national news today…

Screen shot 2014-03-30 at 10.08.00 PM

bug your eyes out at this photo of Randy Ploesser front-rocking a bus, shot by Matt Price. there are 10 diffs, some are obvious… some are not…
SxH Spot the Diff Randy Black
official Diffs for last weeks Nesser smith-grind…
1) Bike Lock. 2) Lambo. 3) Barefoot front foot. 4) Building numbers. 5) extra tree. 6) Car trunk closed. 7) Extra dudes in the background. 8) Missing Ear. 9) Fingertips missing from behind rail. 10) “Steve” is flipped.

Randy Ploesser as seen in St.Losers…

you can thank the Skateboard Mag for this one, Randy Ploesser as seen in St.Losers.
Screen shot 2014-03-30 at 10.03.57 PM
…get your grubby little paws all over a copy of the full video through Infinity Skate Shop.

Look: Scott “Horsey” Walker

the Skateboard Mag ran a “LOOK” on Horsey a little bit back, we took the liberty of re-posting it and also got Horsey to write some stuff about the photos.
click below image…
thanks the Skateboard Mag!


bug your eyes out at this photo of Steve Nesser getting a taaaaaaaall smith grind, shot by Sam McGuire. there are 10 diffs, some are obvious… some are not…

Spot the Diff Nesser bump 2 bar
click on image to enlarge!
check back next week  later for the official Diffs on this image.

official Diffs for last weeks Heck 50/50…
1) extra rail on hand rail. 2) extra rail on board. 3) Fisheye is gone. 4) missing tattoo. 5) front truck and wheels are missing. 6) white pick-up truck on left is missing. 7) small shrub in bottom right is missing. 8) light post extends out of frame. 9) garage door missing detail. 10) extra window on front of house.

Steve Nesser at Familia HQ

…so quiet you could hear a Caballerial wallride drop. well done Steve!
Screen shot 2014-03-30 at 9.55.08 PM

The Same Day it Was Earlier. by Kyle Beachy

Screen shot 2014-03-30 at 9.42.26 PM
Chicago, St. Louis, and Perryville, MO.
Skateboarders (in rough order): Preston Harper, Randy Ploesser, Chaz Ortiz, Marty Murawksi, Matt Minton, Joe Herbert, Alex Kehoe, Drew Etzkorn, Ryan McLennan, Dan Piquard, and Zack.
Music by Neneh Cherry.

Randy Ploesser St Losers teaser…

some out-takes of Randy trying and rolling away from a rather large ollie as seen in St Losers, available through
filmed/edited by Gabe Kehoe
SxH Randy Ollie
Screen shot 2014-03-30 at 9.30.44 PM


bug your eyes out at this photo of Brian Heck 50/50ing a sketchy-assed rail in the Bay Area, shot by Dan Z. there are 10 diffs, some are obvious… some are not…Heck Spot the diff www
click on image to enlarge!
check back next week for the official Diffs on this image.

official Diffs for last weeks Horsey Wallride…
1) top left shrubs. 2) top right Horse. 3) shadows on top right corner of concrete are missing. 4) left shirt sleeve is longer. 5) hat is bigger. 6) right index finger. 7) shadow near right hand is filled in. 8) right foot shoelace. 9) crack above hole is missing. 10) shadow on nose of skateboard is filled in.

bug your eyes out at this photo of Horsey doing a rad wall-ride on a trip to Vegas of days past, shot by Sam McGuire. there are 10 diffs, some are obvious… some are not…
Horsey spot the diff
click to enlarge, answers next week most likely.

Fresh Crops…

the Skateboard MAG dropped a new “Crops” the other day, all Matt Price photos. a few of our boys made it in there, follow the link to see all 10…

Evan Okeson (flow). Lipslide Up.
Preston Harper. 50-50 wallride.

LINK> Fresh Crops. Matt Price.

Familia HQ New Years Montage

featuring (in order of appearance) Davis Torgerson, Tabari Cook, Aaron Christensen, Kirian Stone, Steve Nesser, David Jaimes, Vinnie Nanthavongsa, Pat Gallaher…
Screen shot 2014-03-30 at 9.27.39 PM

NEW from the Heck Files…

watch Heck, Ploesser, Harper, Modica, Okeson, Sublette and even some stylin’ Jackson Casey buzz around AZ for a minute in this latest NoDak Brocam montage by Brian Heck…
Screen shot 2014-03-30 at 9.25.24 PM

the LOON

a short video based on a board graphic by Todd Bratrud. in support of the new Steve Nesser SEND HELP pro model… “the LOON”.
Screen shot 2014-03-30 at 9.10.36 PM
SxH Nesser LOON vid ad

Preston Harper. Worship Friendship full part…

we can’t get enough of this guy, gotta assume you cant either… watch and love his full part from Jackson Caseys latest project, WORSHIP FRIENDSHIP.
Screen shot 2014-03-30 at 9.04.47 PM

Video Premiere! Infinity skateshop’s ST. LOSERS

SENDxHELP is happy to be involved in yet another slammin’ skateboarding video, this time its ST. LOSERS!Randy Ploesser has a full part featuring a grip of the SxH team. check out the new teaser for the premiere, scope the flyer for all crucial info & check the previous teaser…
Screen shot 2014-03-30 at 9.00.26 PM

see you there!!

Concrete Chaos. try spot jMod…

some form of a demonstration at the Tempe AZ skateboard park featuring Ryan Reyes, Justin Modica, Jeff Pulliam, Evan Okeson and Aaron “Jaws” Homoki
Screen shot 2014-03-30 at 5.47.19 AM
Filmed and edited by Austin Imburgia.

Trippin’ St Louis…

This is an UNAUTHORIZED behind the scenes montage (filmed & edited by our very own Preston Harper) of the premiere episode of The Skateboard Mag’s Trippin’, watch Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Matt Price, Randy Ploesser, Preston Harper, Chris Millic, Josh Hawkins, Ed Dominick & more skate “hard” and goof off from Arizona to Missouri and back…

Screen shot 2014-03-30 at 5.32.13 AM
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a day with Horsey…

tag along with our boy Horsey as he eats/skates/drinks/kicks-it for a day around his stomping grounds of London England. as seen in Sugar Magazine.
(click below image to read/see the full article)

Graphic Introduction: “the HIGH FIVE”

get up close and personal with the new advert of Justin & Preston, then watch the video…

holler at the “Contact Us” link on the menu to get in touch with our Orders Dept.
photo/video: Matt Price

“Pure f@*%ing carnage”

the beginning of the of the end/beginning. the HIGH 5 hits Santa Cruz, CA. featuring Randy Ploesser, Preston Harper, Justin Modica, Evan Okeson, Scott “HORSEY” Walker, and Steve Fauser. pretty much an instant classic. Also a hand full of photos are up on the Skateboard Mag site, click the “Crops” image below to be seemingly magically transported to the photos.

filmed, edited & man-handled by Tim Vasquez

Welcome to

hello All,

its official, SEND HELP is now available to the general public, digitally (right here) and physically (skateshop walls). the site is still a work in progress, so check back often/all the time. in the very near future you can look forward to exclusive videos, photos, graphics, ads, all sorts of stuff. for now, check out the “Product” page for available goodies, the “Social Media” page for the SEND x HELP twitter and instagram feeds. the “Remember the HIGH 5” page is going to end up housing all the old ads, videos and coverage from our gestation period as the HIGH 5. also if you are not yet familiar, the Digital Dump is the SEND HELP tumbler (formerly the HIGH 5 tumbler)… literally a dump for the tumblr, instagram & twitter accounts of the entire SEND HELP team as well as our friends and inspirations. like we said, check back often and/or follow us on twitter/instagram to get up to the minute alerts on whatever the fuck it is we are up to.

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see that menu text up to your right? click it and you will be transported back in time to when SEND HELP was known as “the HIGH 5″ (for legal reasons that we are no longer able to be called the HIGH 5). at the moment you can find a selection of adverts, few short video things and a few never before seen ads and photos. we will be updating this page on the reggzz, best believe we had some shit in the works that we still would love to share with y’all! so stay tuned…

this Nesser flick nearly got lost in the shuffle, but its now been repurposed and added to the mix. 16th Street Cobras represent.

Horsey in Confusion

the latest issue of CONFUSION (issue #5) has a rad little interview with Horsey along with some cool skateboarding photos like this one…

few boards…

head on over to the “product” page to have a closer look at at these boards complete with all the necessary information about each board…

“get your frontside smith grinds on”

hear & see how to do a frontside smith grind the way Nesser does em. also a nice little peek into the Familia HQ!

Screen shot 2014-03-30 at 4.46.51 AM

behind the scenes. 40oz beverage bags style.

just got a nice box from our good friends over at Burlesque Design, stacks on stacks of 40oz beverage bags to be included with “the HIGH FIVE” board graphic.